The long overdue garden container concept
The A1 CUBE alleviates various practical planter problems due to the lightweight fibre cement technology utilised and the design structure simplicity.
Outdoor and indoors.
Major benefits.
  • Much shorter installation time and reduced transport cost to site. (no crane needed)
  • Increasing options to plant trees inside atriums, buildings and public spaces such as hotels, shopping malls, office blocks and schools.
  • Ideal for corporate set-ups avoiding messy ground level gardens.
  • Can be utilised as retaining planter or walls and raised bed options
  • The 1m x 1m x 1m dimensions¬†are a statement on its own and can not be missed, driven over or easily pinched.
Optional extras include
  • Customized colours, finishes, textures and branding
  • Auto watering system
  • Drip Trays
  • Customized sizing