InEeden A1 Cube

Bring Life & Style to Your Office with Modern Plant Pots:

Looking to beautify your office with lush greenery?


This innovative plant pot solution makes it easy!

Our large pots and planters are perfect for interior decorating and office spaces, ideal for indoor trees and statement plants.

Revolutionize your corporate space:

  • Lightweight fiber cement: Easy installation, no crane needed.
  • Multiple uses: Atriums, buildings, hotels, malls, offices, schools.
  • Clean alternative: Avoids messy ground-level gardens.
  • Versatile design: Retaining walls, raised beds, and more.
  • Bold statement: Large 1m x 1m x 1m size makes a lasting impression.
A1 Cube Plant pot

A1 Cube powder coated aluminium

Customize your A1 CUBE:

  • Colors, finishes, textures, and branding.
  • Automatic watering system for effortless care.
  • Drip trays for mess-free maintenance.
  • Custom sizing available for unique needs.

Let’s explain what Adri Neuper can do for you and why she is The Pot Lady.