As promised, ON THE TERRACE continues to focus on implementing more natural elements into our direct environments, creating a seamless green and complimenting live and work areas as our delightful summer temperatures (and temperamental windy storms) settles in.

Making use of pots, planters and containers where possible, is a smart way of bringing our green companions inside, where they improve not only the quality of the air but also reduce stress and create a feeling of well being. As we tend to spend most of our day indoors, we need more and more green here and there and even a neat little cactus zen garden on your desk corner is doing the job.

Although, moving on to bigger spaces like shopping malls, atriums, pedestrian “cafe” squares, arcades or even open driveway or parking areas – you may need slightly “bigger” pots to add a grandeur justice to the scene applicable.

But just like everything else you touch or see or use, even pots was just an idea before it was designed and produced by someone before it became a reality. And as with everything else, the designs are influenced by trends and fashion at the time. Someone reminded me that Merle Streep indicated how the colour blue lead to job opportunities in the movie “ The Devil wears Prada”. Really?

Anyway, materials used in the manufacture of containers are closely linked to technology available with colour and motif options and evolving constantly to match trends in die building, decor and green industry.

Coming from just knee-height heavy cement pots, 20 years ago, to the point of being utilised as focal points and features in the garden and home in all possible sizes and shapes, stylish containers has certainly come a long way, offering us so much to choose from today, it could be confusing at times.

When Adri Neuper started The Pot Place in 1998, she distinctly remembers the practical issues when the demand for tall / big containers, lead to multiple breakages due to the material not being able to withstand the pressure of the soil and water. Innovative design came to the rescue and today you can confidently buy tall and big pots from most local nurseries. But this came at a cost, either in weight or the price, or both.

Being an industry professional, Adri realised during a site meeting, when an architect complained about the small trees being used
in small pots in a huge indoor atrium, that there’s a need for bigger plant containers thats affordable AND lightweight.

She went back to the drawing board, consulting with various architects, landscapers, interior designers & other industry specialists on various aspects of design and production. In 2015, Adri started “In Eeden Design Concepts” and the “A1 CUBE” was born.

Due to the lightweight fibre cement technology utilised and the simple design structure, the A1 CUBE alleviates various practical planter problems – outdoors, as well as indoors.

Obvious benefits include:
•    Much quicker installation time as the panels are separate and can be assembled on site or before.
•    Site delivery possible without a crane.
•    Lower transport cost to installation site due to weight reduction.
•    Options to plant bigger trees inside buildings.
•    Complimentary to the modern architectural “ambience”.
•    Ideal for corporate set-ups avoiding messy ground level gardens with very low maintenance.
•    Can be utilised as retaining planter / walls or raised bed options.
•    The size and straight lines of the design contributes a lean masculine presence to any environment.
•    Using the latest technology available, it has been tested successfully for cracking under soil volume presure.
•    The 1m x 1m x 1m dimensions are a statement on its own and can not be missed, driven over or easily pinched.

Optional extras include:
Customized finishes eg. textures and company logo branding; Customized colour eg. terracotta etc. other than off shutter;
Auto watering system; Driptrays; Customized sizing – accommodating clients requirements to up- or downsize with same proven container technology.