IN EEDEN Design Concepts was born is 2015. The name is a play on words: My maiden name is van Eeden, the garden of Eden, Paradise, being in (as opposed to out) of fashion. Value for money is what you will get.

Making use of a wide network of contacts and knowledge acquired over more than 15 years, IN EEDEN Design Concepts will be able to source and supply containers for use in offices, shopping malls and other public spaces as well as residential use.

Projects that we have experience in, include commercial, residential, hotels and lodges. We have worked along side discerning designers, getting pots made for their projects. We would like to tap into the local supply of décor even more, bringing you amazing décor produced by our own people.

As recycle, upcycle and sustainability are buzzwords that are here to stay, we happily  embrace them and plan a few new lines. We already sell rain chains made from dogfood tins and wire and pieces of glass and plastic. Then we are developing outside carpets, outside wallpaper, outside mirrors and even furniture.

Endless Imagination and Creativity!